Volunteer Program

Fresh Revival Fire Ministries is accepting volunteers from anywhere in the world, to come work with us in Uganda. Teams or individuals are welcome throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering your time with us, please contact us.

We love teams and individuals to come help us in Uganda. We need occasional volunteers and ministers with different educational backgrounds and skill sets to assist us with the children’s projects. We need people with building skills such as electricians, masons, bricklayers, painters, plumbers, gardeners, and volunteers to help with labor. You can also volunteer your time if you are a teacher, social worker, doctor, nurse, architect, landscape designer or engineer. Please come and make a difference in Mbale, Uganda. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to be on the mission field in Africa with an organization that’s growing with the community.

We have a well-planned program to help mission teams or individuals have practical experience in third world countries. This unique experience will be a challenging adventure for both young & old adults to abandon their traditional lifestyle in exchange for an amazing, heart-filled experience in Uganda.

The tailor-made program includes:

  • Going on extended evangelistic outreaches in local bush areas
  • Living and volunteering your time with children while experiencing the Father’s heart
  • Gaining understanding of how to minister and evangelize cross-culturally
  • Get practically equipped for the physical challenges of third-world nations
  • Intermingling and learning with FRFCU/THOG Staff how to live in Uganda

Please feel free to contact us at freshrevivalfirem@gmail.com.

See our Volunteer Program Photo Gallery.

KOICA Uganda, a Korean organization that helped us build a playground for the children and helped tutor the children in different subjects

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