As you may know, one of our big projects is The Warrior Widows.

We have been teaching widows to sew for some time now. They’ve even been helping to make some of the dresses for K’s African Stitches!

We only have 5 machines that the ladies can work on right now. Our hope and vision is to raise money for 30 sewing machines, which are $80 a piece. Our goal is to raise that money by the end of the year.

Each machine comes with the machine, a stand, and tools to fix it. Would you like to help by these widows a sewing machine for Christmas? It helps to teach a trade to a woman in need. You change the lives of her whole family by buying a sewing machine for our widows!

We are reaching out to our sponsors, as well as friends and family, and asking for donations to raise funds to support our widows project in Uganda. The women are also taught the Gospel and those who are saved will be discipled. These skills along with a Certificate will help the widows support themselves and their children. This will be at no cost to these women. Please prayerfully consider making a contribution to Fresh Revival Fire Ministries.

To donate, select “I would like to designate this donation to a specific fund” and choose “Warrior Widows Project” on our donation page here: