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Fresh Revival Fire Ministries has started a new scholarship program project in 2019 for the pastors of Uganda. We are so excited to offer this for the first time.

There are thousands of pastors with beautiful churches in Uganda that are full of people being mentored by their leadership. This is a wonderful thing because souls are being saved. People are hungry for change and revival is here. There are many churches being filled up with new converts. However, many pastors do not have an education in theology and this has caused much deception to creep into the churches. Many of these pastors cannot afford to go to a university. It is very expensive to attain university education in Uganda. We have seen a tremendous problem in this area because the pastors are living and running their churches on watered down truths passed down from generation to generation and witchcraft has entered in because of lack of sound doctrine. The Bible says that people perish for lack of knowledge. We have a burden to change this in Uganda (Matthew 28:19). We as leaders are called to spread the gospel in spirit and in truth. The spirit is present in these churches but the word is not taught with clarity and depth. This leads to familiar spirits in the discipleship of the flock.

The government of Uganda has also recognized this problem in the born again churches. The main stream churches don’t seem to have this problem because they are run by denominations that require strict standards which have safe guarded their churches. As of 2019, the Government of Uganda has established a law that protects the born again churches and their converts by requiring churches to be registered and the pastors to obtain at least a diploma level of education in theology.

The Lord gave Apostle Kathleen Masuba a dream in January 2019. In that dream he told her to feed and disciple His sheep. She believes that the Lord was asking her to provide a scholarship program for the pastors with little or no education so that they would be able to comply with the government regulations and also help the churches provide adequate education and discipleship for their flock. Because of this dream, this project was born.

All of our pastors shall be enrolled in The Pentecostal Theological College in Mbale, Uganda which we are partnering with to make this project successful. After admission of pastors to this college, a board that has been set up consisting of the headmaster,  academic dean, the admission secretary and Apostle Kathleen will review all qualified applicants to be awarded scholarships. The scholarship award will go toward their tuition to help them with their 2 year program. There are 3 semesters in a year and we hope to give scholarships to as many pastors as possible. We cannot do this without your partnership. We are asking churches, pastors and individuals to help us help these pastors financially and be a part of the transformation of pastors and churches in Uganda. Together we can be a part of the great commission going forth in this season.

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