New Land and Building Project

We have new land in Namusi Uganda, which is about 8 minutes north of Mbale Town.

As of January 2018, our highest financial needs for the building projects for finishing the orphanage house and also a house for Kathleen and Micah, both on the new land. Right now, Kathleen and Micah’s home is almost finished: we’re only needing funds to finish the roof, plumbing and electrical. We’re planning to move in March 1st. This will save us a lot of money, since we currently pay rent. The orphanage’s building is just at the foundation. We are raising funds for that too, so we can finish it, move in and quit paying rent at our current place as well.

On this land we plan to build a new home for The House of Grace (the home we occupy right now is a rental). We also are planting various crops for our Crop and Livestock Project.

In September 2017 a team from Cross Country World Missions in North Carolina came to help build the foundation for the new orphanage on our land. The building project was very successful and we managed to complete the entire foundation. We’re looking for people to donate to help finish the project. We currently are renting our property in Mbale, so this takes a large chunk of our funding. Once the building is complete on the new land, then we can move in and save considerable money on a monthly basis!
We need financial help to finish our building. Will you help us to finish the new building? Donate

Progress on land and crop project

We wanted to bring to your attention and share with you the achievements as far as our land is concerned. With your donations,

  • We put up a fence all around the land and installed city water on the property.
  • We hired a land care taker to help with the animals, guard the property, and cultivate crops like rice of which is ready to be harvested. This will to reduce the amount spent on food.
  • Pay for Building plans that were drawn up for the vision, and hired a land surveyor to survey the land and process a land tittle.
  • The foundation to our new orphanage has been completed!
  • Kathleen and Micah’s house has built up to the roof.
  • Well installed.

We need financial help to finish our building. Will you help us to finish the new building? Donate

Our house has been built all the way to the roof and we have installed a well! We still need finances to finish electrical, plumbing and plastering the inside and outside walls. Finishing this will help us save a lot of money that we are currently paying on rent. Can you help us with this need?

See our gallery for our new land and building progress.

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