Our Churches

Namusi Church

Namosi Church

We have 2 churches in Uganda we are running. The main church in Namosi, and the children’s church in Namosi

Our children’s church

mbale groundbreakers

Our Main Church Namosi

Ground Breakers Namosi

Our Church in Namosi

Crusades at Namosi

Crusades at Namosi

We have opened up these churches for the people in Mbale Uganda and the people of Namosi Uganda. We are so excited to have finally opened up these churches! Together we will be mentoring leaders and disciplining people in the gospel, doing evangelism and crusades, and teaching missionaries what a third world country is all about. Currently we have a small structure. We are seeking partners to build a permanent larger structure with a missionary house on our land to facilitate a missionary School that will bring in missionaries from all over the world. If you are interested in partnering with us on this project, please contact us at freshrevivalfirem@gmail.com. Thank you.

Bishop Samuel Macho

Spiritual Father

Apostle Kathleen Masuba

Church Board Member

Micah Masuba

Church Board Member

Pastor Maina Sam

Senior Pastor

Pastor Annette Nafuna

Associate Pastor

Pastor Margaret

Women Pastor


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