I came to Uganda because I saw a video about the poor, abandoned, sick, street children in 2010. When I saw that video at a friends house, I burst into tears. I was moved with compassion by the heart of God and I knew at that moment that the children of Uganda were my destiny. In 2011 I came to Uganda with provision for only 1 month. I had no idea that after that 1 month, God would ask me to lay down my life so He could use me to raise up a ministry for these children in Uganda. Walking in complete faith, I trusted the Lord. I stayed in Uganda and suffered on the streets for 2 and a half years until I married my native Ugandan husband Micah. During that time of suffering, I grew so much and learned about humility, miracles, and crucifying myself daily. The Lord acclimated me to the culture, customs, environment, language barriers, government policies and Christian churches. It has not been easy for me to fit in but I have accomplished so much in 5 years of being here.

I’m still growing and learning about what it takes to run this ministry and accomplish the will of the Father for these children. Today, I have been used by the Lord to lead thousands of people to Christ and water baptize many of those people. I have preached the gospel to the unreached in many countries of Africa. I have discipled pastors and leaders along the way with a bible school that the Lord gave to me in a dream. I have laid hands on the sick and watched them recover here in Uganda and I am in awe of how God would use an ordinary person to do these extraordinary things. I have seen miraculous miracles of provision, wisdom, compassion, strength, courage, faith and apostolic abilities in me that I never thought would be possible. Today, I run a children’s home with my husband called The House of Grace with 20 children. Together with our team of professionals, we provide health care, education, shelter, spiritual leadership, food and encouragement for these children who have been abandoned, wounded, and left uneducated by their parents. We do outreach projects such as feeding the poor. We do projects to provide school children with shoes, school supplies, food, nets, and school fees.

All of this was possible because I said yes to the call. I believe that in this season, God is using ordinary people who just want to be used by Him to do extraordinary things around the world. Today surrender your life to Christ. Pursue God’s agenda for your life and watch Him do supernatural things with your gifts and talents. Be inspired by His love and do extraordinary things for the kingdom. What He did for me, He can also do for you!

Please Help us help the children of Uganda by sowing any monthly amount to Fresh Revival Fire Ministries and mail to P.O. Box 1715 Saluda Virginia 23149. Or donate through our website by giving through PayPal. WITH your partnership we can accomplish so much more. We invite you to join our team in Uganda and reap the rewards in heaven. Thank you.