The House of Grace Children’s Home


The House of Grace is our loving children’s home in Uganda. The home started as an orphanage for former street children. Currently, we have 30 children , 10 boys and 20 girls between the ages of 4 and 15, living with us in this orphanage in Mbale Uganda.

We pay for their education, housing, medical needs, food, and also have a full time staff to help us. The House of Grace needs your help to facilitate it. The children need your help with school fees, supplies, and medical emergencies. Please help rehabilitate the street and orphaned children in Uganda. Donate your one time offering or a monthly partnership and help make these children grow up to be educated productive citizens in Africa.

With your support and as our faithful partner we managed to set up 4 baby cribs, this year we are also proud to have been given a vulnerable child aged 1 year from the Uganda Women Prisons Service with strong recommendation from the Probation and Social welfare office, and they are proposing 3 more admissions of children to the family of Fresh Revival Fire Care Uganda and The House of Grace.

See more pictures of the House of Grace in our photo gallery.

The House of Grace Staff

Rev. Kathleen Mae Masuba



Scovia Ikiria

EXecutive director / accountant

Kituyi Caroline


Wandukwa Grace

social worker
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