Flame Of Fire Bible School

Bible School in Kenya

Bible School in Kenya

Our Flame Of Fire School- “Flame of Fire school is a Biblical training school for leaders. We have found that one of the greatest needs in Africa, is good foundational biblical training for the leaders of the churches.

Currently we are mentoring leaders to Evangelize their areas and have a biblical foundation on 3 levels in these schools. We are partnering with 8 churches in Uganda, and Kenya to mentor these leaders. We are also working with the Ugandan Assemblies of God Churches to plant 7 more schools representing 60 churches, in 2014. All of our schools are currently studying a 12 month study in discipleship evangelism. This is a 3 day a week course that keeps the leaders filled with the word and excited to spread the gospel. These schools have already changed hundreds of lives through salvation and have proven to make a difference in the leadership in Uganda and Kenya. All the schools have a graduation and receive a certificate upon completion of the 3 level. Please kindly donate bibles for this project.

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