Hello dear supporters and well wishers! We’re so happy for your interest in us and our projects in Uganda. We cannot do the important work we do without help from people like you! Our organization runs 100% on donations. The children in our home, the widows that we help, the villagers that we minister to, all rely on funds from people like you.

We have three big fundraising needs right now. Our children need sponsors, Kathleen and Micah are hoping for a trip to the US and we are also looking for donors for our general fund.

Child Sponsorships

Our children need sponsors! By the grace of God we are able to house, feed, educate and meet all the needs of 25 children, but we could really use your help! Can you help by committing to a monthly sponsorship for a child (or two!)? This is an opportunity to help transform the lives of these children, rescued from extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and abandonment. For less than $1.20 a day you can make sure that there is a safe and nurturing home for these innocent children. Donations can be set up online or set up through your bank using bill pay. Please consider helping us to support these amazing kids.

By donating just 35$/month you can transform the life of a child. School fees, food, medical and all other needs can be met by this modest, regular donation. We care for 20 children between the ages of 4 months and 12 years. You can contact us about getting matched with a specific child. We will send you pictures and updates of your child periodically. Will you help transform the future for a child today?

Flights to the US for Micah and Kathleen

Help us see you in America!

Kathleen and Micah are hoping to visit the USA before the end of this year. The funds need to be raised, $3000 for our plane tickets and travel expenses to get there. Can you help? We hope to be in the US for 3 months, and we’re still choosing where exactly! Let us know if you’d like us to preach and share our mission with your church or group.

To donate, choose the “Missionary Travel Expenses” fund on our website: frfministries.org/online-donations. We can also accept donations of miles if you have them! Contact us directly to discus that option!

Other Monthly Donations

We are transforming lives here in Eastern Uganda and of course there are some operating costs. It costs us about $2,500 USD a month to run our ministries! We are so grateful for all of the supporters who have donated to us over the years.

Would you be willing to donate monthly? Your monthly donations help to ensure that we have a consistent income. This way we can focus on doing our work and less stressing about fundraising and finding money. Please pray about it! We’d love for you to be a part of this great project. Donations can be set up online or set up through your bank using bill pay.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!