Pastors Education Scholarship Fund

Fresh Revival Fire Ministries has started a new scholarship program project in 2019 for the pastors of Uganda. We are so excited to offer this for the first time. There are thousands of pastors with beautiful churches in Uganda that are full of people being mentored by their leadership. This is a wonderful thing because souls are being saved. People are hungry for change and revival is here. There are many churches being filled up with new converts. However, many…

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Sewing Machines for The Warrior Widows

As you may know, one of our big projects is The Warrior Widows. We have been teaching widows to sew for some time now. They’ve even been helping to make some of the dresses for K’s African Stitches! We only have 5 machines that the ladies can work on right now. Our hope and vision is to raise money for 30 sewing machines, which are $80 a piece. Our goal is to raise that money by the end of the…

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Current Fundraising Needs

Hello dear supporters and well wishers! We’re so happy for your interest in us and our projects in Uganda. We cannot do the important work we do without help from people like you! Our organization runs 100% on donations. The children in our home, the widows that we help, the villagers that we minister to, all rely on funds from people like you. We have three big fundraising needs right now. Our children need sponsors, Kathleen and Micah are hoping…

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