Current Fundraising Needs

Hello dear supporters and well wishers! We’re so happy for your interest in us and our projects in Uganda. We cannot do the important work we do without help from people like you! Our organization runs 100% on donations. The children in our home, the widows that we help, the villagers that we minister to, all rely on funds from people like you. We have three big fundraising needs right now. Our children need sponsors, Kathleen and Micah are hoping…

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Kathleen’s Testimony

I came to Uganda because I saw a video about the poor, abandoned, sick, street children in 2010. When I saw that video at a friends house, I burst into tears. I was moved with compassion by the heart of God and I knew at that moment that the children of Uganda were my destiny. In 2011 I came to Uganda with provision for only 1 month. I had no idea that after that 1 month, God would ask me…

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