Warrior Widows Project

This Warrior Widows Project was designed to reach out and provide ministry and skill building education to the widowed women of Mbale.

Currently we have widows from all over Mbale that walk to our children’s home, The House of Grace, to train in the following areas:

Mushroom growing
Making Jewelry
Farming God’s Way
Basket weaving
Shoe making

Mushroom SetupAquaponics
Our mushroom growing and aquaponics setup.

In our aquaponics project the women are growing lettuce, herbs and tilapia! The fish grow and fertilize the vegetables so the setup is fully sustainable, natural and nutritious!

Farming God’s Way is a biblical way of farming taught by a woman from Ireland. This Godly way of treating the land and God’s resources is yielding great crops!

We are so excited to offer this training so that the widows will be able to have a trade to support themselves and also learn about how special they are to God. If anyone is interested in helping us financially support this project, or through volunteering, please contact us.

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