Meet the Founders

Meet Rev. Kathleen and Mr. Micah Masuba, the founders and operators of Fresh Revival Fire Ministries.

Rev. Kathleen M. Masuba is the Visionary, Founder and CEO of FRF Ministries USA, Fresh Revival Fire Care Uganda, The House of Grace, FRFM Safe African Mothers Project and the Flame of Fire Bible Schools in Uganda. Her husband’s name is Mr. Micah Masuba, who is also a Ugandan native. We have an apostolic, prophetic, revival ministry to the nations. Micah and I are excited about what God is doing all over the world right now. Although there is destruction all around, the glory revival on God’s people is changing one heart at a time for the nations! Fresh Revival Fire Ministries is a ministry reaching out to the poor and mentoring leaders to become successful, productive, Godly men, women, and children in their countries and communities.
Our ministry is primarily based in Mbale, Uganda, Africa right now, but we are called to other nations. We have a non-profit ministry in Mbale, Uganda, that supports all of our projects there, and we have a non-profit ministry in the United States.

We have led thousands of souls to the Lord through His love and projects He has entrusted in our ministry. We have seen God do miracle after miracle in the hearts of the Ugandan people.
The vision: To reach every man, child and woman with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our mission: To biblically transform the lives of people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world, with special emphasis on the leadership in the churches and the poor, lost, lonely, abandoned, wounded, rejected, street children of Africa.

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